A Cistercian ware jug – probably dating to the 16th century.

Of course, Archaeology is a key feature of the project. We have reports on the fieldwork such as surveys, excavation and fieldwalking for example, and more details on some of the evidence we found.

We aren’t starting from scratch, as some of the villagers have been collecting bits and pieces for many years. Take this nice Cistercian ware jug for example. This was found when a garden was being dug over, so we can’t say for certain anything about it’s provenance in terms of who might have owned it, but it does give us some dating evidence we can ad to our story. We hope to put all of our finds on a database, which should allow us to explore the relationships between them, and act as an archive for others to use.

We have reports on all the surveys carried out during the project – Tape & Offset, LiDAR, Resistivity, Ground Penetrating Radar and Drone. Copies are available from us at the email address below.

We also have the following reports from the excavation:

Excavation report

Animal Bones report

Brick report

Ceramics report

Clay Pipes report

Glass report

History report

Palaeoenvironmental report

Metallurgy report

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